The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Walkthrough [Video Incl.]

The Book of Unwritten tales 2 Walkthrough (Part 1) written guide “out smarting cheep cheep”

Chapter 1: Princess Ivo

The game starts you out in the room of the Elven princess Ivo (who you will be playing as), after some dialogue with her mother Ivo finds her self locked in the room with her pet bird Cheep Cheep.  She feels sick and needs to get to the library down stairs so she can find a book on medicine.

After completing the dialogue with Cheep Cheep and fumbling around the room and balcony, you find out that there is one small problem.  Cheep Cheep will not allow you to do so.  You cannot climb over the balcony because Cheep Cheep will snitch you out to Ivo’s mother in a heart beat.  However, lucky for you Cheep Cheep isn’t to bright and loves to admire at himself in the mirror.  Taking advantage of this, will allow you to escape down the balcony.

Key Items

Potted Sunflower  potted sunflower

 Gray Bowl on the big table  gray bowl

Ivo’s Mirror  Ivos mirror

Musical box  musical box

Table with Stone Figure  Table with stone figure


How to Get Out

-Step 1

The first thing you need to do is head outside to the Balcony and check the sunflower in the pot.  After the first dialogue, check the pot again and you will obtain some sunflower seeds.  After you obtain the seeds, head back into Ivo’s room.

Giving the seeds to Cheep Cheep directly to bribe him will not work.  What you need to do is put the seeds into the gray bowl on the table.  Doing this will trigger Cheep Cheep to move his massive body away from the mirror and fly over to the bowl for a bite to eat.  This is your chance!  While Cheep Cheep is gorging himself with sunflower seeds head back to the table with the mirror and grab it quickly.  Step one completed!

-Step 2

Doing this will piss Cheep Cheep off, but who cares?  You need to get the hell out of the room!  Now head over to the table with the stone figure holding the spear, now place the mirror onto the table.  This will trigger a pissed off Cheep Cheep to fly his massive body down from his perch and and begin to admire himself in the mirror again.  However this time he is standing on a musical box that flips open when you active it.  Now activate the musical box, this will cause Cheep Cheep will fall inside, click it again quickly to close it.  Cheep Cheep is trapped, weirdly enough though, being in the dark musical box he just falls asleep (don’t ask me why), but who cares. Step two completed!

-Step 3

Now that Cheep Cheep is trapped, make a beeline for the balcony!  There you can climb over without interruption. Step 3 completed!


Congratulations you have outsmarted Cheep Cheep, and Escaped Ivo’s room!


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