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Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 2 [With Video]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Obtaining Wall Jump and Finding the Spirit Tree

In this part of my Ori and the Blind Forest walkthrough we get the skill Wall Jump and locate the Spirit Tree. After finding Sein, head east back through the caves, and back to the area were you entered Sunken Glades and obtained the first Spirit Light Container.  However, before you can get there you will need to Spirit Flame the purple thorns to reveal a trampoline plant and to access a previously blocked off area.  Before you use the plant to leap back up, head east towards the area previously blocked off by purple thorns. Here you will find a Spirit Well, use it to recover your life, energy and save your game all at once.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Note: The Ability Cell on the ledge in the north east corner can only be obtained later in the game after you’ve obtained skills like charged leap and wall climb.

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