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Ori and The Blind Forest Abilities – A Complete Overview and Guide to The Ability Tree

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Rage-QuitThe Ability Tree:

In Ori and The Blind Forest abilities (aka talents, skills or perks in other games) are used to increase Ori’s attack, defense and exploration capabilities.  They bolster Ori’s effectiveness and are what help make it possible for you to progress through the game. Without a proper investment in them you will find yourself dying a lot more than you should. So to atleast lessen the amount of rage quits (I had many while playing this game 😀 ), it would be best to get a complete understanding of the The Ability Tree. That way when you start dying alot (and you will in this game >:) ), you will atleast know how best to proceed with your next course of action, minimizing your deaths and using your Ability Points wisely.

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Gaining Ability Points

In order to acquire any of these enhancements from the Ability Tree Ori first needs to obtain an ability point(s).   Ability points can be obtained by collecting Spirit Light after you kill an enemy, collecting Spirit Light Containers or by finding  an Ability Cell pickup.  Collecting an Ability Cell gives you one full ability point instantly, while the other methods help in adding up towards gaining an ability point.  Basically gaining

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