Raw Beast Hide Farming – The Best Farming Spots in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Raw Beast Hide Farming Guide

Raw Beast Hide Farming Spots

Looking for good spots to make your Raw Beast Hide farming in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor a breeze? Then you’ve come to the right place, here are some of the best raw beast hide farming spots that I’ve found so far that will keep you stocked up. The great thing about these farming spots are the mobs re-spawn very fast (as in instantaneously, once the last one in the area is killed) and you don’t have to be moving around a lot. Fast, efficient and easy farming! 😎

Warsong Wolves, Spirit Woods Near Gar’Lua’s Hut

The first farming spot is located in Nagrand north east of Oshu’gun in front of Gar’Lua’s hut.

Map Coordinates: 51.51,55.66

Once there kill the Warsong Outriders and the Warsong Axe-Singer adds nearby. This is so that you can comfortably farm the wolves without interruption. Once you kill them and start killing the wolves, every time you kill the last remaining Warsong Wolf in the area a new one will respawn (instantly every single time! 🙂 ). You can do this over and over again and stock up on all the Raw Beast Hide you want.

Tamed Clefthoofs, Mar’Gok’s Overwatch

The second farming spot is also located in Nagrand you can find it just north west of Mar’gok’s Overwatch.

Map Coordinates: 78.23,72.18

Once there you will come upon a small herd of Tamed Clefthoof. As with the previous spot after you kill all the Clefthoofs in the area another will respawn, except at this location more than one clefhoof can respawn sometimes.


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Extra Tips / Deciding Which Farming Spot is the Best For You

While both areas are great for fast efficient Raw Beast Hide farming here are somethings you might want to consider before deciding which one to choose. The Warsong Wolves only have 79,501 HP, whereas the Tamed Clefthoofs range from 130k to 159k HP but are more plentiful. The Clefthoofs are neutral mobs so they wont aggro you on sight, this makes for a more comfortable farming experience (if you like to afk) or you cannot stealth. However, even with average gear you can blow through the Warsong Wolves pretty quickly. Both are great spots to farming Raw Beast Hide quickly though, mobs give anywhere from 1-2 Raw Beast Hide per skin. Also Keep in mind you can also use these spots for farming leathery caged beast and sumptuous fur for your barn! 😎

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