Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 6 [With Step by Step Video Guides]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Restoring the Elements (Water): Moon Grotto and Gumo’s Hideout Pickups

Whats up guys, welcome to part 6 of my Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough.  Now that we have obtained the water vein,  our objective now is to “Enter and Restore The Ginso Tree”, but before we do that let’s collect some of the remaining Life Cells, Energy Cells and Spirit Light containers in and around Moon Grotto and Gumo’s Hideout.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Collect The Life CellLife Cell

The Life Cell is located past the Energy Gate where you first fell into Gumo’s trap.  You can head straight there by heading west and jumping back across the wooded bridge Gumo opened up and caused you to fall into his hideout.  Go through the gate, make your way across the toxic water and use wall jump to get up the walls, use Spirit Flame to take out the monsters crawling on them. Once you reach the top you will find the Life Cell over to the east.


Video: Collecting the Life Cell:

When you are done, make sure to recharge your Energy Cells by collecting the large energy shard across the bridge to the east.  It’s below the stick crossing near to where the rocks fell on Gumo. When you are done jump back down into Gumo’s hideout. Now and make you way across the suspended wooden platforms to the ledge on the west.

Video: Head back down to Gumo’s Hideout:

Solving the The Energy Beam Puzzle

To get the Energy Cell and Giant Spirit Light Container you are first going to have to solve the energy beam puzzle.  Once you get to the ledge across the wooden platforms, head west and jump down south to the area with the pillars closing in and make your way carefully through them.Energy Beam Puzzle

Tip:  It would be wise to make a Soul Link at the opening underneath the pillars as you make it through.

Proceed to open the Energy Gate (it requires 4 Energy Cells), and push the boulders around to block the beams accordingly.  After that head all they way to the bottom and make your way west across the water avoiding the fireballs being shot at you from the plants and avoiding the spikes.  Wall jump up the western wall at the end and make your way north east where you will find a lever,  push the lever to turn off the second purple energy beam.

Video: Solving the energy beam puzzle:

Collect The Energy Cell and Giant Spirit Light ContainerEnergy Cell and Giant Spirit Light Container

Now that the second energy beam is off you can push the “redirect” boulder all the way down to the bottom.  After that push it all the way east, using it to redirect all the fire balls the plant on the east shoots at you north.  Redirect one of the fireballs north at the “unstable ground” to break it and then push the boulder further east, just enough so that any further fireballs being redirected don’t hit you.  Wall Jump up the opening and claim your prize of a one Energy Cell and one Gaint Spirit Light Container (sweet! 8-)).


Video: Collecting the Energy Cell and Giant Spirit Light Container

After that make your way back up north to the area shown in the video.

Tip: You might want to make use of the Spirit Well to east to heal up and save your game at this point in time also.

Collect The Second Energy Cell and Small Spirit Light Container

After you make your way to the top, head west from the Spirit Well to the area with the Rhino and slamming pillars.  Kill all the thorns in your way, and make your way past the Rhino and pillar by tricking the the Rhino into charging at you in a way that will cause the pillar to slam down and kill him Second Energy Cellinstead.  After that make your way further west avoiding the pillars crushing you and Spirit Flaming any purple thorns that get in your way.  Once past the pillars collect the second Energy Cell by heading north, its actually right above a ledge located above the areas with the pillars.

Tip:  To get to the Energy Cell you are going to have to get the pillar to slam down, then wall jump up the eastern side of the pillar and jump over to the ledge on east to collect the Energy Cell.

After that make your way west, Spirit Flaming any purple thorns in your way and a frog enemy that you will encounter.  Head east until you make it to a ledge with a suspended wooden platform. Spirit Flame the thorn on the top of the platform and jump onto it.  From the platform jump on the ledge to the west, head west and you will enter a hidden area were you will find a Small Spirit Light container.

Video: Collect The Second Energy Cell and Small Spirit Light Container

Now we can finally be on our way to the Ginso Tree!

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