Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 5 [With Video]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Restoring the Elements (Water): Catching Gumo and Retrieving The Water Vein

Hello again, welcome to part 5 of my Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough.  Now that you have gotten the Double Jump skill, areas previously inaccessible to you can now be reached.  From the ancestral tree Leru head west.

Tip:  Be sure to pick up the Spirit Light container up above you to the north west of the first ledge after leaving the ancestral tree.

Spirit Light

Use your new Double Jump skill to collect the Spirit Light

Energy Cell

Energy Cell

Keep going west across the the toxic water and make your way back up the crevasse avoiding the wooden spikes, with the use of the skills Wall Jump and Double Jump.  Once at the top head west through the spirit gate, but don’t go to the area with the Map Stone yet.  Now that you have Double Jump when you reach the area with the slamming pillars, kill the frog and Double Jump to the platform it was on.  Make your way north west from there using Double Jump to get over the wooden spikes.  Head west until you reach the end of the path where you will see an Engery Cell on the ledge below your current location, collect it.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Once you have collected the Energy Cell head south and then west back to the Map Stone at the beginning of Gumo’s Hideout.  Install the Map Stone Fragment to reveal the hidden areas around you.  Now that you have installed the Map Stone make use of Double Jump and the suspended wooden platforms to make your way to the ledge in the north western corner.

Wooden Platforms

Make your way across making use of these platforms and Double Jump

Tip: Be sure to collect the Spirit Light located on the sides of the two suspended wooden platforms.

Block Energy Beam

Use the boulder to block the first energy beam

Ability Cell and Energy Gate

Collect the Ability Cell to gain and ability point instantly

When you make it to the ledge destroy the blue glow stone with Charge Flame to get some extra Spirit Light. Make your way south and when you reach the bottom head east navigating your way through the slamming pillars.  Once past the pillars head south and to the bottom where you will see an Energy Gate.  However, don’t head through the gate just yet because I’m sure you also noticed the Ability Cell to your west as well.  Get to the ledge above it, head west and make use of Wall Jump and Double Jump to collect it. At this point you might or might not have enough energy to open the Energy Gate.  If you do, continue reading this paragraph, if not continue to the paragraph after the one  below this.  Come back to this section later when you have enough energy.  Go through the energy gate (you will need four energy cells).  When you get through the gate push the boulder over the ledge so the it blocks the purple energy beam.After that, make your way back up north to the slamming pillars then head east and over the ledge with spirit plant on top of it.  Kill the spider and push the boulder there to the east and over the ledge.

Tip: There is a blue glow stone up above this section on a wooden ledge, you can destroy it with Charge Flame for some easy spirit light.

Block Second Energy Beam

Push the boulder off of ledge to block the second energy beam

Push or Pull Switch

Use the lever to turn off the energy beam

Head south after it and then push it west and over the second ledge to block the second purple energy beam. Now follow it south after the blast from the beam has been blocked off and head east to jump of the ledge so that you reach the bottom.  Once you are at the bottom head west making use of the floating wooden platforms in the toxic water.  As you head west avoiding the purple fire shot at you from the fire breathing plants jump on to the wall at the end and Wall jump from it to the other one to the east of it and make up way to the top of it.  Once at the top, push the switch there. This will turn off the purple beam to the east of you, and now that the beam is off you can push the boulder to the east of you down the ledge and to the bottom.  This boulder can be used to redirect the purple flame being shot at you from the plants.  Follow the boulder you pushed off the ledge and then push it to the east, redirecting all the fireballs shot at you from the plants north.

Use boulder to redirect flame

Redirect the fireballs at the unstable ground

Hovering Spirit Light

Collect the hovering Spirit Light with Double Jump

Push it east until one of the redirected fireballs hits the unstable ground where you see an Energy Cell and Spirit Light Container above it.  After the unstable ground blocking your way is destroyed push the boulder over to the east so that any further fireballs that are redirected north won’t hit you as you make your way up to collect  the Energy Cell and Spirit Light container.   After collecting the Energy Cell and Spirit Light Container head back, past the opened Energy Gate and slamming pillars.  Then make your way across the toxic water.  Then making use of Wall Jump and Double Jump make your way all the way north avoiding the wooden spikes attached to the walls at various locations.  Once at the top Double Jump to the east over the last set of spikes and be sure to collect the Spirit Light hovering over some spikes to the west of you.

From there head further east and make your way across the the spiked surface by making use of Wall Jump and Double Jump on the descending-ascending pillars coming out of the ceiling.Once you get past the spiked surface head east and  a cutscene with Gumo will begin.  Before you follow him push the lever you see near you which will release a sliding wall blocking access to the area below you.

Ascending Descending Pillars

Navigate across with the use of these pillars using Wall Jump and Double Jump

Tip:  After getting over the spiked surface you will also see a blue glow stone that you can use Charge Flame on to get some extra Spirit Light.

Looked a Trapped Gumon

Gumo Trapped!

When done continue east after Gumo making use of Double Jump to get the other ledge.  When you reach the other ledge head east and then Wall Jump up north to pursue Gumo, as you make your way north Gumo will unleash a rock slide trap to try and stop you from following him.  Even though the traps works it backfires on him as well with the ceiling collapsing on top of him.  Now make your way north avoiding the stones from the the rock slide to catch the trapped Gumo.  Once you reach Gumo at the top a cutscene will ensue and Ori will save Gumo by removing the rumble that fell on him from the ceiling.As thanks for Ori’s display of kindness Gumo will give Ori the Water Vein as a reward.



Congratulations you have caught Gumo and retrieved the Water Vein

Water Vein Retrived

Now that we have the Water Vein lets head back to the Ginso Tree

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