Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 4 [With Video]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Restoring the Elements (Water): Pursuing Gumo and Obtaining Double Jump

Hi guys, welcome to Part 4 of my Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough.  We’ve finally made it to the Ginso Tree, only to have the Water Vein (its key) stolen by a weird looking creature from the Forlorn Ruins known as a Gumon.  In this part of the walkthrough, we pursue the Gumon that stole the Water Vein and pick up the Double Jump skill along the way.  From the Ginso Tree head east after Gumon.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Energy Shard

Collect to replenish energy cells

Tip: Before jumping down into the valley you might want to collect the large energy shard to replenish your energy cells from the ledge over to the east.  A Charge Flameable blue glow stone is here as well, you could never collect enough Spirit Light! 🙂

When at the bottom of the valley kill the the purple flame spitting plants and make your way west until you catch up with the Gumon again.  In order to unlock the door Gumon escaped through you are going to have to make use of the purple-flame spitting plants to destroy the four destructible objects that have plants beneath them.  Once done, the plant hidden beneath the object closest to the door can be used to blow it open with its purple flame.



Destructible object one


Destructible object two


Destructible object three


Destructible object four






Blast Door Down

Use the purple flame from the plant closest to the door to destroy it

Tip: While in this area if you head all the way east past the Moon Grotto/Thornfelt Swap signs you will find a large energy shard and a blue glowing stone. Destroy the stone with Charge Flame to get some extra Spirit Light.

Once past the door head further west until you encounter Gumon again.  Now navigate you way through the purple energy beams making strategic use of wall jump [see video for method].

Tip: It will be wise to save you game before you attempt to navigate through the energy beams as this part can be a little tricky.

Spirit Well

Heal up and save your game

Once you get past the energy beams head east and and then south at the first ledge.  If you go further east after this you will find a Spirit well to heal up and save your game.

Note: The Spirit Light you see on the ledge to the north east after passing the energy beams and heading east can be acquired when you get either the Double Jump or Charged Leap skill.   

With those skills you will also be able to jump across the areas with spikes.

Continue south and a cutscene with the Gumon will ensue again, continue to follow him south.  When you reach the bottom head east, as you do this the Gumon will then spring a trap when you walk across the wooden bridge, plunging down into his hideout.

Note: Make note of the 3 cell Energy Gate here as well, you might want to access it later.

Map Stone Fragment

Map Stone Fragment

When you land at the bottom, you will land right in front of a Map Stone in “Gumo’s Hideout”.  From this Map Stone head east and then south navigating safely through the pillars closing in from the left and right.  In the south west portion of these slamming pillars you can find the Map

Burrowing Flame Spitter

Purple Flame Spitter boss

Stone Fragment for the Map Stone at the beginning of Gumo’s Hideout.  When you head south east and then east you will encounter the Gumon again.  A boss battle will ensue with a burrowing purple-flame breathing plant, kill it to open the eastern door and to reopen the previous door to continue after Gumon.

Tip: To kill the plant just stand in place, and move just as soon as it comes from under ground and then hit it with Spirit Flame/Charge Flame within the short period of time it remains in the air. Don’t jump to far away from it as your attacks will miss.  Avoid the thorns that spawn from the impact of the purple flame it fires at you – while avoiding the flame as well.

First Keystone

First Spirit Gate Keystone

Second Keystone

Second Spirit Gate Keystone

After you, you kill the burrowing plant boss collect the Spirit Gate keystone from behind the eastern door, then head out and back up through the slamming pillars.  Once at the top head east through the other set of pillars slamming pillars closing in from the top and bottom.Once you get through those head east and jump just off the ledge.  Collect the other Spirit Gate Keystone from the area with the spiked pillars are slamming together on each other beneath the ledge.  You can do this by making strategic use of wall jump [see video method].  After you collect the other Spirit Gate Keystone open the Spirit Gate.  Now head east and then navigate south down the crevasse with wall jump while avoiding the wooden spikes.  When you reach the bottom continue east until you come upon the Ancestral Tree Leru, absorb her to acquire the Double Jump Skill. 

Congratulations you have acquired the Double Jump Skill!

Double Jump

Now! Where is that Gumon thief!?

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