Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 3 [With Video]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Restoring the Elements (Water): Finding The Ginso Tree and Obtaining Charge Flame

Welcome to part 3 of my Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough. Now that we know what our main goal in the game thanks to Sein and the Spirit Tree, our first step in archiving that goal is to find the Ginso Tree in Thornfelt Swamp.  Our objectives in this part of the walkthrough is to do just that and obtain the skill Charge Flame along the way.  Heading east from the Spirit Well at the Spirit Tree head into Hollow Grove.  To get over the tall tree we are going to have to flip a switch to lower one of the suspended wooden platforms.  The switch is located on the level below us to the east,  make use of the jumping toad to break through the unstable ground to get to the lower level.  From there jump down to the south east and then head east, you will come upon the ancestral tree Ano, absorb Ano to obtain the skill Charge Flame.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Tip: Charge flame can be used to destroy the glowing blue pillars, and stones.  You can make use of its AOE in a lot of ways, i.e to insta-kill mobs crawling  on walls and ceilings while you’re wall jumping and to kill mobs from behind cover.

Note: You may have noticed The Spirit Light Container in the section below where Ano is,  later in the game with a larger skill set you will be able to acquire it.

Lever to lower Platform

Push the lever to lower the hanging platform

Now head east, destroy the blue glowing pillar with charged flame and you will find the switch for the hanging platform on a ledge to the north east , push the lever.  This will lower one of the previous hanging platforms, allowing you to make use of wall jump to leap over the tall tree.

Spirit Light Container

Don’t forget to collect this Spirit Light Container

However, before heading back to the hanging platforms, head through the opening south, and collect the Large Spirit Light Container.  Spend the point if you gained an ability point and then head back north and back to the area directly below were the toad broke through the unstable ground.  Head back up then head east, get over the tree making use of Wall Jump and now lowered wooden platform.


Note: The Spirit light on Container on the ledge to the North West can be acquired when you get the Kuro’s Feather skill later in the game.

Wall Jump To get to boulder

Wall jump up the sides to get to the boulder

Spirit Flame the spiked goo monster at the top of the three and also the one below when head down on the other side.  Head east, and use Charge Flame to destroy the glowing pillar blocking your path.  You will come upon a large boulder hanging from just spider web! 😮  What ever you do, don’t jump down, unless you want to die on the nest bed of thorns below!  Don’t try to leap across either, just wall jump up the side of the ledge directly above you .

Note: The spirit gate you see can be opened when you get more Energy Cells later in the game.  The number of holes on the door is the number of energy cells required to open it.

Energy Shard

Low on energy? Collect the shard over here

Spirit Flame the spider you encounter at the top, jump onto the side of the hanging boulder and wall jump up to side of it to get on top.  Do not loosen the boulder yet, instead jump to the ledge over to the east and used Charge Flame to destroy the glowing pillar blocking your path.  If your energy cells are empty for some reason, there is a large energy shard over to the northwest hanging from the ceiling of some earth. To get to it, jump from the ledge on to the piece of earth platform hanging from some roots,  from there jump onto to root where you see the Spirit Light Container and Wall Jump at the side of it.  Now jump back to the hanging earth and use Charge Flame.  This is break the boulder free from the spider web and it will fall down to the ground were it can be used as a platform for you to jump down to the bottom safely without Jumping onto thorns.  Before you go down though Jump back to the eastern ledge, continue east and then jump down the other side.

Life Cell

You can never have enough Life Cells

There you will see a Life Cell on the level below.  Navigate your way over the thorns making use of wall jump to acquire it [see video for assistance on how to do it].  Now head back up to where the boulder was hanging from and jump down, you will land safely onto the boulder. When you reach down, a hanging spider will immediately begin attacking you so be on your toes!  Kill the spider then head over to the area west of were he was hanging from, there you will find and Energy Cell hidden among some trees and roots(inset pic).  After collecting the energy cell head back east over the boulder until you reach the area with the toxic water.  Make you way carefully across it Spirit Flaming any spiders or thorned
mobs you encounter.  After that continue heading east until you reach the trampoline plants.  Make use of the plants heading north east, on the second ledge head into the opening beneath the third ledge where you will find a Map Stone.

Map Stone Fragment

Collect and install the Map Stone Fragment


Note: The Spirit Light Container you see near the Map stone can be acquired when you get the Double Jump skill or Charged Leap.

Leave the cave with the Map Stone and make your way over to the western side of the tree you see when exiting the cave to collect the Map Stone Fragment for it.

Note: The Energy Cell, Life Cell located east of the tree and stump within the Hidden area in the bark of the tree can obtained or interacted with (the stump) later in game.   For example with the Ground Slam skill you can activate the switch hidden in the tree.  Also the Spirit Life Container at the top of the Tree east of the tree where you collected the Map Stone can be acquired later with the Charged Leap skill.

Spirit Well

Recover and save your game

Avoid flaming spiked clubs

Be careful, push boulder east first then west

Now that you have the Map Stone Fragment head back to the Map Stone to install it, revealing more of the map of the forest of Nibel.  When done, head back out and make your way north east passing the Mount Horu and Thornfelt Swap crossroads and heading into Thornfelt Swap.  Continue east until you reach area with flaming spiked clubs spinning.  To make you way past them you will have to push the boulder all the way east until you reach  a Spirit Well hidden at the end of the cavernous area.  Save your game and simply push the boulder back all the way west taking your time, and on top of the thorns on the ground.After that jump on top of the boulder, making your way north using Wall Jump to scale up the sides of the ledges and Spirit Flaming the monster you encounter.  Once at the top its smother sailing and just head east until you reach the Ginso Tree.  Cutscenes will ensue, Sein will give you your next task.

Congratulations, you have located the Ginso Tree!

Ginso Tree

Now we must catch the Gumon!

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