Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 23 Added to Video Walkthrough

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Ori and The Blind Forest Video Walkthrough Part 23

Objective: Recover the Sunstone from Sorrow Pass

gggupdateWhats up, welcome to part 23 of our Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough. In the part of the walkthrough we break through the second wind blockage of Sorrow Pass and make our way to the top of the chasm were we obtain the Sunstone. We must now make our way to Mount Horu, but before we do it would be wise that we become stronger in preparation for the final showdown with Kuro. For this we begin the process of back tracking to previously explored areas to obtain Ability Cells, Life Cells (one of which we obtain in this video), Energy Cells and picks ups that we previously missed. (Note: In this particular walkthrough I missed 1 Life Cell and 2 energy cells, but I will create a video showing the locations of ALL pickups in the future)

You can find this part plus all previous and future parts of this walkthrough (along with written walkthroughs) on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough page.

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