Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 2 [With Video]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Obtaining Wall Jump and Finding the Spirit Tree

In this part of my Ori and the Blind Forest walkthrough we get the skill Wall Jump and locate the Spirit Tree. After finding Sein, head east back through the caves, and back to the area were you entered Sunken Glades and obtained the first Spirit Light Container.  However, before you can get there you will need to Spirit Flame the purple thorns to reveal a trampoline plant and to access a previously blocked off area.  Before you use the plant to leap back up, head east towards the area previously blocked off by purple thorns. Here you will find a Spirit Well, use it to recover your life, energy and save your game all at once.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Note: The Ability Cell on the ledge in the north east corner can only be obtained later in the game after you’ve obtained skills like charged leap and wall climb.

Trampoline Plant and Spirit Well

Trampoline Plant Left / Spirit Well Right

Tip: Spirit Wells  can be used to heal energy, life and save you game all at once.  Make use of them whenever you can!

After this use the trampoline plant to leap back up and exit the caves. Make use of the wooden platforms hanging from vines to access the area in the north west.  Once there, Spirit Flame the purple thorns blocking the path and head west until you reach a ledge with another wooden platform hanging from vines.  Jump down and grab the boulder at the bottom and pull it towards the thorns on the left.   This will expose an opening beneath the ledge which the boulder previously blocked.  Go through this opening and into the cave like area were you will find a Keystone.  Pick it up, you will need it to help open the Spirit Gate that’s up ahead.

Spirit Gate

Open The Spirit Gate

After you have gotten the keystone head back out of this area.  Grab the stone boulder, pull it back towards the ledge so that you can get back up.  Once back up leap across the hanging platform and onto the top of the tree.  Spirit Flame the monster there then leap across the other two suspended wooden platforms, and then onto the ledge to the west and collect the other keystone.  After that, simply leap down and and open the Spirit Gate below.






Life Cell get them when ever possible

Continue west from the Spirit Gate until you reach the Spirit Carvens / Hollow Grove cross roads. However don’t head to Spirit Carvens just yet, instead leap to the ledge over to the north east, Spirit Flame the toad you encounter there and then jump atop the bluish gray mushroom near to where the toad you just killed spawned.  From there jump to the other bluish gray mushroom to the north west, Spirit Flame the second toad that appears and then collect the Life Cell to the west.




Now you can make your way towards Spirit Carvens, Spirit Flame the toad that appears along the way and continue west until you reach another Spirit Gate.  To find the Keystones for this gate you will have to head south below the first ledge and down into the cave area.  Spirit Flame all the purple thorns and monsters out of your way and continue south.  When you reach the bottom head east within the cave structure where you will find the first Map Stone,  you will need a Map Stone Fragment to repair it and reveal the surrounding map area.   Head further east beyond the Map Stone to find the first Keystone for the Spirit Gate above.

Note: The Life Cell you see on the other side, cannot be accessed at the point in the game.


Map Stone Left / Keystone Right


Head south down the vertical opening

Tip: Installing Map Stone Fragments reveal the hidden area around you.  Without repaired Map Stones you are walking around blind so always install Map Stone Fragments.

After collecting the Keystone head West, and continue West Spirit Flaming the purple thorns blocking your path if you hadn’t done so earlier.  




As you continue west and exit the cave area you may notice the the Map Stone Fragment above you, but ignore it for now as you need Wall Jump first. Instead head south, were we are going to get the Wall Jump skill.  Spirit Flame any monsters or purple thorns you encounter on the way until you reach the bottom then continue Westward.

Note:  As you head west you may notice an Ability Cell up above you at the first ledge,  later on in the game when you get Charged Leap you will be able to acquire it, but not now.

As you continue west and jump down the first ledge cut-scenes will ensue, keeping going until you encounter the Ancestral Tree called Fil, who will give you the skill, Wall Jump after absorbing it.

Wall Jump

Congratulations you have acquired Wall Jump


Hidden Spirit Light Container

Hidden Spirit Light Container

After obtaining Wall Jump continue west to the end of the cave and Wall Jump up the side of it, you will soon reach a ledge were you will find an Energy Cell atop of it.  Collect the energy cell and head back east making use of your newly acquired Wall Jump skill to get back up north and out of the caves.  Once back at the top head west until you reach a boulder, push it west against the ledge, but before you do so get the ability cell hidden under the ledge behind some trees.




Map Stone Fragment Location

Map Stone Fragment

After that push the boulder back up against the ledge and jump on the ledge.   Head north east from there and make your way safely through the spinning spiked contraptions.  Be sure to also collect the spirit light container at the top of the tree trunk using wall jump,then Spirit Flame the purple thorns and head over to the wooden switch and push it.  This will trigger the log you saw previously hanging from a vine to drop lower.  Now you will be able to use it to help you reach the ledge over to the east were you will find the Map Fragment.  




North West Keystone

North West Keystone, collect all before heading to the Spirit Gate


Collect it and head back to the map stone to install it.  After installing the Map Fragment the path to the Spirit Tree will become clear.  Now you can head back to the previous Spirit Gate and open it with the Keystones you’ve found.  Head west until you reach the area with the fire breathing plants.  Make your way up carefully being sure to collect the two keystones, one on the east and the other to the north west while on your way up.  Once you have completed this section, head further north and navigate among the trees avoiding the thorns and purple fire from the plants.Collect the Keystones to the east and north west and once done exit this thorny maze to the north east and open the Spirit Gate. Once pass the Spirit Gate continue on east until you reach the Spirit Tree.



Note:  In traversing the the areas with the fire plants you may have noticed the Spirit Light Container and Energy Cell in the hidden area behind the Energy Gate. These can only be acquired later in the game with more skills, but not at this time.


Congratulations you’ve obtained Wall Jump and discovered the Spirit Tree.

The Spirit Tree

Listen to Sein and the Spirit Tree’s story

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