Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough Part 1 [With Video]

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Finding Sein and Obtaining Spirit flame

Hello there, and welcome to Part 1 of my Ori and The Blind Forest walkthrough. At the end of the introduction cutsence and upon your resurrection your first objective is to find Sein “the light and the eyes of the “Spirit Tree”. Sein will be your guide throughout the game and will give you your first and primary attack, Spirit Flame.

Note: You can find all parts of this Walkthrough (including a video walkthrough), on the Geek Game Guides Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough main page. (click here)

Hidden Spirit Light Container

The yellow glow is a Spirit Light Container

In order to find him head west down the path until you enter Sunken Glades, be sure also to collect the spirit light container that’s hidden behind some trees after the first ledge.

After that, head south down into the caves and west across the toxic water.  Jump on the spirit plant and collect the spirit light, life shard or energy shard that comes out.

Tip: Going forward you’re going to want to kill everything you can (unless you need it alive for a reason), so that you can collect spirit light. Spirit Light along with Spirit Light containers add up towards ability points and every little bit helps.  Ability Cells which are a little more rare give one whole ability point.

Ability points are spent on skill improvements in the ability tree.  These are what improve Ori’s skills  and make him stronger.  Spirit light even though they add only a small amount towards a single ability point add up overtime, collect it every opportunity you get.

Ability TreeAbility Tree

Now head further down the path and be sure to collect the energy cell along the way.

Pick up Engery Cell

Engery Cell

After that save your game by creating a  Soul Link, you won’t be able to continue otherwise.  When you’re done collecting the Energy Cell, continuing west, a cut scene with a rhino will ensue.  When the Rhino appears run towards the stone wall to the west and stand against it, as the rhino charges towards you jump over it to avoid being hit.  He will then crash into the wall and the rubble from the ceiling will fall on him, killing him.

Note: You must stand against the stone wall as not doing so will simply cause the rhino to reset, turn around, and charge you again and again if you stand in the center.  


Below there's an Ability Cell, above you will find Sein

Spirit Light hidden underneath, Sein located above.

Once done with the rhino head out of the cave and west along the path until you come upon a large tree bark. Before you jump on top of it, there is another Spirit Light Container hidden beneath this hollow tree bark, be sure to collect it.  After that jump on top of the tree bark and head west towards the grassy area, the glowing sprite on the ground is Sein.


Congratulations you’ve Found Sein and Obtained Spirit Flame!

Spirit Flame in Action

Spirit Flame in Action

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