Ori and The Blind Forest Definitive Addition Announced!

Ori and The Blind Forest Definitive EditionOri and The Blind Forest is getting and update! Definitive Edition accounced and Gamescom 2015! I know this was announced a few days ago but I’m just letting you guys know in case you have been living under a rock!  New areas, new abilities and more! Check out the YouTube video and Moon Studios tweet below for more information. I can’t wait 😀 , the Ori and The Blind Forest guide: Ori and The Blind Forest Abilities – A Complete Overview and Guide to The Ability Tree and Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough will be updated accordingly once its released.  I will be posting all further info about this and the updates once the info becomes available, so stay tuned and follow Geek Game Guides on social media!

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