Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks

Whats up guys! Monster Hunter World just hit the PC a couple of days ago and while its a great game, its kind of clunky in its PC implementation. In this guide i will show you tips, tricks and basic quality of life info that will help increase your enjoyment while playing the game. This guide will grow as I progress through the game and receive feedback. So keep in mind it is a work in progress just to help you guys out as i learn this game and its mechanics.

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Note: While some of this might seem obvious, the game doesn’t do a good job in explaining it imo. A lot of this stuff i had to research myself so yeah it isn’t instantly as obvious as you might think😅.

Tip 1: Use the Scout Flies to Track Monsters and Find Materials

In order to find anything specifically, and i mean ANYTHING like monsters, crafting materials, other players, NPCs etc. you use these guys. follow the scout fliesTo use them to track press M to open your map, hover your mouse cursor over the resource you want to track (monster or crafting mat) and press C, when you close your map the glowing green bugs will get to it.

Note: The first time you track a monster you will have to discover its foot prints manually. This is done by wondering around the map and paying attention to when the flies hover over the prints. Pick up the prints, and after a few prints your scout flies will begin tracking. If you lose sight of your quarry for some reason, you can open your Map, hover over the icon of the monster press C and then they will re-engage the tracking.

Tip 2: You Might Want to Disable Auto Sheath

I don’t know about you but I find it really annoying when in the middle of a fight my character decides to put his weapon away as a monster charges at him. Add the fact that it takes a long damn time to draw it in the first place, it becomes really annoying. To turn off auto- sheath go into Options and under controls you can disable it.

Auto Sheath

Tip 3: When Using a Ranged Weapon Use The Toggles to Aim Down The Sights

While it is possible to shoot from the hip with ranged weapons (at least the ones I’ve used), it is much more effective to aim down the sights. You can do this by pressing C, which you press once to turn on aim down the sights and press again to toggle it off. You can also press V to do this, but instead you hold the button down to aim down the sights and let it go to turn it off. Any of these methods are a viable alternative to shooting from the hip, its up to your personal preference if you want to click and hold or use the click on/off method. You might also want to rebind this imo, as the defaults don’t seem to be comfortably placed.

Tip 4: Use The F Key To Lock on To Fast Moving Monsters


For big slow moving monsters like the Barroth it may not be required, but for fast agile monsters (I’m looking at you Tobi Kadachi) it can help a lot. From what I’ve seen some of them move fast enough that they can easily flank you and get free damage. Locking on to them helps with this problem.

Tip 5: Make Use of S.O.S Flares To Farm Mats and Get Help With Specific Monsters.

If you want to farm a particular part from a certain monster i find that its much easier and faster to do this in a group of four players. You can easily get a group going within minutes most of the time by starting an online session and posting a quest on the quest board for the monster you want to farm as an Assigned, Optional or Investigations quest. After posting this head out on said hunt and fire an S.O.S flare and people will be joining your hunt fairly quickly. Alternatively you can join an S.O.S someone else started. Do this by going to the Quest Board and choosing S.O.S. Filter the search criteria by “Target” to only show the monster you want to hunt via and your golden. I find this to be a very efficient way of farming mats from monsters with a group.

Monster Hunter World SOSMonster Hunter Word SOS Criteria Target

Note: I would recommend that you choose investigations if at all possible when searching for S.O.S groups or starting your own as you have a chance to gain extra rewards. Also even though i say this is an efficient way to farm, keep in mind that not many people will be shooting up S.O.S flares to kill easily soloable monsters like the Great Jargas (although they might). Its good for the more popular and decently difficult monsters.

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