No Mic? No problem! How To Use Your Cell Phone As a Mic For Any Online Video Game

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Part 1 – What You will Need, Installing The App, Installing The WO Client, Drivers and Choosing Your Transport Method
Part 2 – Setting up your cell phone as a Wifi mic No mic no problem
Part 3 – Setting up your cell phone as a USB mic
Part 5 – Tips & Trouble Shooting

Setting up your cell phone as a Bluetooth mic

  1. While in settings choose Bluetooth as your transport method. Turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and pair your cell phone with your PC. WO Mic Bluetooth Transport Method
  2. After that press back to head back to the apps main screen. Once there press the start button. WO Mic Start
  3. Now go to your PC and open the WO Mic Client. On the menu bar click connection, then connect. Connecting Mic
  4. In the connect window, check the radio button for Bluetooth, and from the dropdown box select your device and click connect. Connect Via Bluetooth Once it’s connected your cell phone is now acting as a wireless Bluetooth mic.
  5. To test if it’s working, on the WO Mic Client on your PC click Options on the menu bar, then click play in speaker and start talking. You should be able to hear yourself talking. Once you can hear yourself that means it’s working. Turn on Play In Speaker
  6. Now click “Options” again and click “Play in Speaker” again to turn it off. Turn off Play In Speaker “Play in Speaker” should only be turned on for testing, do not leave it on while playing video games.

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