No Mic? No problem! How To Use Your Cell Phone As a Mic For Any Online Video Game

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Part 1 – What You will Need, Installing The App, Installing The WO Client, Drivers and Choosing Your Transport Method
Part 2 – Setting up your cell phone as a Wifi mic No mic no problem
Part 3 – Setting up your cell phone as a USB mic
Part 4 – Setting up your cell phone as a Bluetooth mic
Part 5 – Tips & Trouble Shooting

If you’re a gamer who plays online multiplayer games at one point or another you probably wanted to communicate quickly with a teammate or fellow player. > Whether it’s fast paced FPS games like Overwatch, Call of Duty and Battlefield or MMOs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, or even MOBAS like League of Legends and DOTA2, communication via in game chat sometimes isn’t enough. This is where your mic comes in, but what if you don’t have a mic? What if the mic you have doesn’t work, or for some reason you cannot afford a mic or an expensive video game headset.

In this guide I am going to show you how to use your android cell phone as a mic (wired or wireless) for online gaming. This will work whether the game has built in voice communication or you are doing it through external software like TeamSpeak or Discord. Save your money, your cell phone is a free mic!

What You will Need

An android cell phone. (The App we will be using as far as I know isn’t available on IOS)

-A Wireless Router, If you plan to use it as a wireless wifi mic.

-A bluetooth capable PC, If you plan to use it as a wireless bluetooth mic.

-A USB cable you can use to connect your cell phone to your PC, if you plan to use it as a wired mic.

Once you have the android cell phone and the equipment to connect it to your PC, through at least one of the methods previously mentioned (wifi, USB or bluetooth), goto step 1. Both the app and computer software we will be using is developed by Wireless Orange.

Step One: Install The App

On your android cell phone open the Play Store and type WO Mic in the search bar. Download the FREE version (That’s “WO Mic” NOT “WO Mic Pro”) and install it on your cell phone. Download WO Mic App

Step Two: Install The WO Client on Your PC

Head to, download the WO Mic Client for Windows and install it on your PC.

Download WO Mic Client

Step Three. Install The Drivers

While over at Download and Install the WO Mic device drivers for windows. Download WO Mic Drivers

Note When Installing Drivers:
“The driver is used to simulate one virtual audio device so that voice can be routed to other applications.
When installing the driver, make sure your PC is connected to internet; otherwise, it may fail to install.
If needed, you can disable driver signing enforcement to make this driver work. Please refer to FAQ on how to do that.”

Step Four: Choosing Your Transport Method

Open the WO Mic app on your cell phone. Now press the settings button. wo-mic-app-settings

In settings press Transport, this is where you will choose how you want to use the cell phone as a mic. wo-mic-app-transport

There are two wireless methods Bluetooth and Wifi, and one wired method, USB. wo-mic-app-transport-method

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