A Little About Me
Hello everyone, you can call me ByronPwns :). Welcome to Geek Game Guides.

I’ve been a gamer from the age of 7, I love videogames and anything related to gaming culture. Yes I’m a geek and I’m proud :)!  The first consoles that introduced me to gaming were the NES and SNES. After that, I moved onto the the SEGA Genesis, the PS1, N64, PS2 and PS3. Now I’m primarily a PC gamer. I played hundreds of video games over the years and its amazing to see how far the whole industry has come since i was a 12 year old noob talking trash online :D. Yeah the internet was definitely the big “Game Changer” for gaming (for everything really).

Why Geek Game Guides Exists
Geek Game Guides exists to be a resource to provide help to gamers. To provide game guides, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, strategy guides, build guides and answers to questions gamers may have about a game they are currently playing or just want some information on.

Ultimate Goal
My goal is to make Geek Game Guides a community oriented website with content for gamers by gamers. A place were gamers can gather to help each other get better and most importantly to have fun!

Join Geek Game Guides
Do you love video games as much as i do, maybe even more? Do you like helping others with video games? Can write or make videos of video game guides or walkthroughs? Maybe you already have your own YouTube channel (a website can provide you more exposure). If you answered yes to any of these questions then you my fellow gamer should contact me at ggg@geekgameguides.com about becoming a part of Geek Game Guides!


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